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2018 Wall of Fame Nomination Guidelines/Required Information

2018 WOF Nomination Guidelines& Required Information Downloadable Document

What is the Wall of Fame?

The Wall of Fame recognizes exemplary employees for their dedication, innovation, customer service, and professionalism. You select the honoree(s) and we publicly recognize them at the conference.

When and where will the honorees be recognized?

On Tuesday, August 21, 2018, honorees will be introduced at the WSDOT Wall of Fame Banquet in Kennewick. This event is being held during the 2018 Washington State Public Transportation Conference, Expo, and Roadeo.  Honoree photos and achievement descriptions will be prominently displayed on the Wall of Fame exhibit during the conference.

How many honorees may we recognize?

Each agency* may submit up to four nominations. Individuals and/or teams may be honored.
* For the purpose of Wall of Fame selections, an agency may submit two individuals and/or one team from each county in which it has separate operating agreements.  For example, People For People operates in several counties and may submit two individuals and/or one team for recognition for each county.

Whom should we honor?

The decision is yours. Past Wall of Fame honorees have been recognized for being conscientious, dedicated, and innovative. Honorees demonstrate leadership and a can-do attitude. They may be the Operator of the Year or a great addition to the team. Team members have been recognized for improving communications, cutting costs, reducing customer complaints, managing successful promotional campaigns, or working together to improve a process. Individuals and/or team members are employees you would like to publicly recognize. The process for selecting your Wall of Fame honoree(s) is up to you!

Who will notify honorees of their selection?

Please notify honorees of their selection and encourage their attendance at the Wall of Fame Recognition Banquet. We will send all correspondence to the agency contact person listed in your submitted materials.

How do we pay for our Wall of Fame recipients?

There is no charge for entering honoree(s) in the Wall of Fame—only a charge for registering your honoree(s) for the Awards Banquet. Honorees are encouraged to participate in both the Awards Banquet and the entire conference and are charged the same rate as other conference guests. Guests must register for the banquet.
Please register your Wall of Fame recipient(s) and their guests online at:

What information do we need to provide?

Please submit the following required materials as detailed.
Part A. Agency/Honoree Information and Description as one document in word format (please do not send pdfs)
  1. Agency Contact Information
    • Agency/Organization Name
    • Agency Contact Person
    • Address
    • Contact Phone Number
    • Contact E-mail Address
  2. Honoree Information/Achievement Description
    • Individual: Name and Position Title
    • Achievement Description*
    • Team: Team Name and Team Member Names
    • Achievement Description*
*Achievement descriptions for each honoree and/or team – In about 150 words highlight why each individual and/or team is being honored. In word format, describe exceptional achievements or qualities such as contributions to your agency, innovative programs, or how the honoree(s) inspired others.  The descriptions will be displayed on the Wall of Fame.
Part B. One electronic photo as described for each honoree and/or team.
Please submit one electronic color photo for each honoree and/or team entered as a jpg
file. To ensure high quality reproduction results:
  • Minimum image resolution should be 1150 x 920 pixels per inch.
Identify each attached photo with honoree’s name and/or team member’s names and agency.  If an agency is submitting two individual honoree photos, number the photo and match it to the number on the entry form. For example:  photo #1 in your attachment is a picture of Awesome Annie; Awesome Annie is listed as Honoree # 1 in the Entry Form on Pages 1 and 4. Team photos should be labeled as members are arranged (left to right, front to back).
If an honoree’s name is unusual or difficult to pronounce, please provide a phonetic spelling of the name.
Note: These photos represent both your employee(s) and your agency. It is important to submit a quality product. Electronic, professional quality photos in color are preferred as they will be displayed on the Wall of Fame and published in the souvenir program. If you do not have digital capabilities or need assistance, please contact Kathy Johnston at 360-705-7925.
To ensure high-quality reproduction results:
  • Focus on the honoree’s head and shoulders for both individuals and teams.
  • Select a pleasing background to ensure a high quality.
  • photo, void of shadows, and without background interference (trees, windows, fences, building facades, etc.).
  • Try to avoid the “mug” shot look.

When are the nominations due?

The deadline is Tuesday, July 17.


Please send the completed required materials electronically to:

Kathy Johnston:

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