32 public transit agencies, serving rural, small urban, urban and regional areas

80 percent of the state’s population is within transit boundaries

Public transit agencies provided 221 million passenger trips, annually, including over 6.8 million trips by those with special transportation needs

Public transit includes buses, paratransit (door-to-door or shared-ride service), vanpools, light rail and commuter rail

Public transit agencies operate more than 2,800 vanpools, the largest program in the nation

Transit provides congestion relief and capacity on roads, with over 40 percent of commuters into Seattle taking transit

Transit agencies are heavily-dependent on local sales tax, which with passenger fares total as much as 80 percent of revenue

Five transit agencies are at their maximum sales tax rate of 0.9 percent – with no other local funding options

Transit agencies are accountable to their governing bodies (elected officials), their customers, and the federal and state government