Due to COVID-19 the 2020 State Roadeo has been canceled.


2019 Roadeo Photos

Top Finishers
2019 Washington State Public Transportation Roadeo

Maintenance Division
1st Place - Intercity Transit; Joe Bell, James Bush, Grant Swidecki
2nd Place - Kitsap Transit; Arnaldo Bustamante, Ruben Castro Guijosa, Randy Timmerman
3rd Place - King County Metro; Jeremy Campbell, Ryan Stringfellow, Arvin Vulliet

Body-on-Chassis Division
1st Place - Dan Savage, Intercity Transit
2nd Place - Johnathan Taylor, Whatcom Transportation Authority
3rd Place - Bonnie Mitchell, Pierce Transit

35’ Coach Division
1st Place - Caleb Suttle, Ben Franklin Transit
2nd Place - David Randall, Intercity Transit
3rd Place - Jason Sandberg, Link Transit

40’ Coach Division
1st Place – Rob Wood, Intercity Transit
2nd Place – Tammy Klein, King County Metro Transit
3rd Place - Gabe Beliz, Ben Franklin Transit

Best Pre-Trip & Wheel Chair Securement BOC Division
Dan Savage, Intercity Transit

Best Pre-Trip Coach Division
Bogdan Martsenyak, Everett Transit

Grand Champions
Intercity Transit
Joe Bell, James Bush, Grant Swidecki, Rob Wood


Special Thanks to Our 2019 Host Agency


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