State Advocacy: 2019

2019 WSTA Legislative Priorities

The WSTA Legislative Priorities are agreed and approved on by the WSTA Board of Directors.

Download PDF: WSTA 2019 Legislative Priorities

Priorities WSTA will Actively Seek:

  • Seek the establishment of a statewide bus and bus facility capital grant program with the passage of a new transportation revenue package.
  • Seek legislation to allow for WSDOT & WSTA to begin state rolling stock procurement.
  • Seek legislation to allow transit agencies who manage and operate state-owned, and or funded, Park & Rides to allow for flexibility in how those facilities are managed.
  • Seek modifications to state sales tax exemptions to ensure the protection of locally voter-approved measures.

Priorities WSTA will Support in Partnership:

  • Support policy and legislation incentivizing the purchase and operations of zero-emission transit vehicles.
  • Support legislation to protect the efficiency and effectiveness of bus operations in congested corridors such as; increased enforcement of HOV lanes and Bus-Only Lanes & Zones.
  • Support carbon reduction-related legislation that will positively impact public transit.
  • Update, protect, maintain, and increase state funding programs that support public transit.
  • Ensure effective and efficient delivery of public transit.

WSTA 2019 Priority Bills:

  • Driving Abstract Technical Changes: HB 1360 Approved
  • Unit Pricing: SB 5418  Approved
  • Advancing green transportation adoption: HB 2042 - Approved
  • RFP Procurement Changes (Sunshine Cmt Recs): HB 1538 & SB 5246 Did not Pass Cut Off
  • Transit Agency Park & Ride Management: SB 5673 Did Not Pass Cut Off
  • Dont Block The Box - Transit Only Lane Enforcement: HB 1793 & SB 5789 Did Not Pass
  • Capital Budget Highlight: WSTA protected $9.7 million allocated in the last biennium from the State Volkswagen Settlement for Transit agencies.

WSTA's Advocacy Team in consultation of the Legislative Committee and partnership with mobility advocates monitors hundreds of bills impacting transit.  The list above is not inclusive or exclusive however reflect certain bills of importance. If you have a question regarding a certain bill not listed please contact WSTA Executive Director, Justin D. Leighton

2019-2021 Transportation Budget Links:

WSTA Transportation Budget Comparison Document: Download HERE
This Document outlines the various proposed budget by the Governor, House, and Senate as it compares to the Final Approved Transportation Budget. 

Transit Funding Quick Glance:

  Approved Actual  Actual
Grant Source 19-20 17-19 15-17
Regional Mobility Grant  $96,630,000  $101,786,000  $56,300,000
Rural Mobility Grant  $32,223,000  $32,223,000  $20,400,000
Special Needs  $48,401,000  $40,676,000  $32,500,000
Vanpool Investment Program $10,290,000  $10,702,000  $7,000,000
Tiered List (Package)  $28,048,000  $20,891,000  $13,900,000
Commute Trip   $8,455,000  $7,954,000  $6,400,000
Coordination Grants (PS only)  $2,000,000  $2,000,000  $1,000,000
Green Transportation Grant Program*NEW  $12,000,000 N/A N/A
Totals   $238,047,000  $ 216,232,000  $137,500,000


2019-2021 Budget Links: 

2019-21 Conference Proposal

WSDOT Regional Mobility & Tiered List Tracking Document: Download Here
WSDOT Consolidated Grant Tracking Document: Not Yet Available


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