State Advocacy: 2019


Download PDF: WSTA 2019 Legislative Priorities

The WSTA Legislative Priorities are agreed and approved on by the WSTA Board of Directors.

Priorities WSTA will Actively Seek:

  • Seek establishment of a statewide bus and bus facility capital grant program with passage of a new transportation revenue package.
  • Seek legislation to allow for WSDOT & WSTA to begin state rolling stock procurement.
  • Seek legislation to allow transit agencies who manage and operate state-owned, and or funded, Park & Rides to allow for flexibility in how those facilities are managed.
  • Seek modifications to state sales tax exemptions to ensure the protection of locally voter-approved measures.

Priorities WSTA will Support in Partnership:

  • Support policy and legislation incentivizing the purchase and operations of zero-emission transit vehicles.
  • Support legislation to protect the efficiency and effectiveness of bus operations in congested corridors such as; increased enforcement of HOV lanes and Bus-Only Lanes & Zones.
  • Support carbon reduction-related legislation that will positively impact public transit.
  • Update, protect, maintain, and increase state funding programs that support public transit.
  • Ensure effective and efficient delivery of public transit.

WSTA 2019 Priority Bills:

Transit Agency Park & Ride Management

RFP Procurement Changes

Unit Pricing:

Driving Record Monitor Technical Changes  



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